Upcoming Recording and Future Projects of Judicaël Perroy

A talk with Judicaël Perroy about the new guitar album he is preparing with Françoise-Emmanuelle Denis (the owner of GHA Records) and which will soon be released.
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Judicaël Perroy Guitar album

Can you tell us more about the new CD that you’re recording? When will it come out?

I don’t know exactly when it will come out. I recorded some pieces by Dušan Bogdanović (Sonata II and Chromatic Prelude and Fugue, dedicated to me) and Atanas Ourkouzounov’s Cinq Postludes (tribute to Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Scriabin) — we were both students together at the Paris Conservatory.

On the album, I will also play four preludes by Scriabin, one by Rachmaninoff, and the Barcarolle from The Seasons — called June — by Tchaikovsky, all transcriptions. And as a kind of bonus, some pieces by Carlos Seixas, a Portuguese composer very similar to Scarlatti.

I also have some Eastern European flavors in the album, with a nineteenth-century piece by Hungarian composer — Introduction & variations sur un thème de l’opera Der Freischütz (Karel Arnoldus Craeyvanger).

Here is the complete program:

  1. Seixas: Sonatas K. 29 & 50.
    (Transcription by Gonçalo Cordeiro, a former student, and Portuguese guitarist.)
  2. Craeyvanger: Introduction & variations sur un thème de l’opera Der Freischütz
  3. Scriabin: Prélude pour la main gauche, Op. 9
  4. Scriabin: Préludes Nos. 15 & 22, Op. 11
  5. Scriabin: Prélude No. 4 (“celui du thème varié de Tansman”), Op. 16
  6. Rachmaninoff: Prélude No. 5, Op. 23
  7. Tchaikovsky: Barcarolle (June) in The Seasons, Op. 37
    (All these transcriptions are by Antoine Fougeray, a former student also, and now editor at Editions Fougeray.)
  8. Bogdanović: Chromatic Prelude and Fugue
  9. Bogdanović: Sonate II

We discussed the program and recorded it with Françoise-Emmanuelle Denis, the owner of GHA Records. It’s a project that I’m thrilled to be doing; it has just taken a long time because of the pandemic situation! We have already recorded half of it. I was meant to record the second half two weeks after, and this was scheduled last October! So we’re hoping to resume in early May finally.

Do you have any future concerts?

I usually have many concerts in the summer months, and I like to do a workshop each summer — Festival MusicAlp. Many concerts are still canceled, so I don’t know which ones I will give, but the workshop will indeed happen. I enjoy the workshop because it’s quite a significant event! Usually, there are two or three hundred students, and there are three sessions, but I only teach in one. It takes place in the French Alps, and I do this every year. I always meet some fantastic musicians who are also there as teachers.

With regards to upcoming projects, I don’t know. Of course, I arrived in Geneva this year, so it’s a little bit strange to come to a new job at the conservatory in the middle of a pandemic. Even though I can give classes, it’s a little bit empty. So I would like to get to know the school a little better, meet more people, get to know my colleagues, and start building my classes. This is what I want to do. I also play in a duo with Natalia Lipnitskaya — Duo Antipodes. We had some concerts planned for last November that we never gave, so it would eventually be great to play in these concerts.

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