Xuefei Yang zhizhu temple

Xuefei Yang at Zhizhu Temple

In addition to telling us about future projects, Xuefei Yang talks about his recent virtual concert at Zhizhu Temple in this chat. Watch it right here!
Xuefei Yang

Xuefei Yang

We are thrilled to announce Guitar Magazine's Artist of the Month for June 2021: Xuefei Yang. Enjoy the content we have developed with her.
Judicaël Perroy guitar

Judicaël Perroy

We are proud to present Guitar Magazine's Artist of the Month for May: Judicaël Perroy.
Yamandú Costa Vivências

Yamandú Costa — Vivências

Yamandú Costa is releasing Vivências, a YouTube series in which he talks about the experiences that have taught him. See what he tells us about it.
Yamandú Costa guitar

Yamandú Costa

Guitar Magazine's Artist of the Month for April 2021 is considered one of the greatest geniuses of Brazilian music. Yamandú Costa is a guitarist, composer, and arranger, and with his unique compositions and his seven-string guitar, he engages audiences at every concert and with every album.
Nicola Hall Decca Recordings

Nicola Hall Decca Recordings

In this short article, we take a look back at some brilliant forgotten recordings that British guitarist Nicola Hall made for Decca.
Rafael Aguirre

Rafael Aguirre

El País describes our First Artist of the Month, Rafael Aguirre, as "One of the most acclaimed ambassadors of the Spanish guitar." We are honored to publish an exclusive video interview, and later in the month, we look forward to extending this portrait of him with even more exciting content.
Guitar Magazine

Welcome to Guitar Magazine

We are thrilled to launch Guitar Magazine, a new digital magazine dedicated exclusively to classical guitarists.