Rafael Aguirre’s New YouTube Adventure

A quick chat with our artist of the month, Rafael Aguirre, about the exciting guitar videos he releases on his YouTube channel.
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On May 12, 2020, we watched a video of Rafael Aguirre announcing the relaunch of his guitar channel on YouTube, and that’s why we wanted to have this little conversation with him.

Rafael, was that video a reaction to the lockdown and the fact that the concerts got canceled?

I realized that because I didn’t have to travel so much, it was the perfect time to connect in more varied ways with my audience. I wanted to broaden my repertoire to appeal to more people who were into other types of music, but without ultimately moving too far away from the classical genre.

You are uploading pieces from Bach to Albéniz, flamenco, tango, Latin American popular music, your transcriptions, tips, or even videos about your tours. What is the link between all this?

It’s my inner world — who I am as a musician and my interests. I like musical freedom and not being tied to anything that restricts it.

Gradually we noticed that more and more people are subscribing to your channel. How do you think these platforms are going to change the connection between artists and their audience?

I think times are changing; people used to find out about artists mainly through their concerts. Today, many people find me through social media platforms like YouTube and are then encouraged to meet me in person at a concert.

There is a video that particularly catches our attention: Rodrigo’s Concierto para una fiesta. What can you tell us about this work?

It’s a challenging piece for whose preparation you have to take a lot of time. However, I think that having played a lot of the Toccata and the Concierto de Aranjuez, I already had a good foundation, as these works are similarly challenging. I think it’s a piece with a heroic, reflective, joyful, playful, humorous character, and it’s worth listening to it on my channel.

To conclude, could you give us a preview of some exciting content that we should look forward to?

Videos are coming with outstanding natural landscapes and many surprises, so be sure to subscribe!

From Guitar Magazine, we encourage you to subscribe to Rafael Aguirre’s YouTube guitar channel with the following link: Rafael Aguirre and watch the exclusive video interview we did with him.

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